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Pressing Issues

I would like to address a few things.

1. How cute is Amanda Tapping in this hat?

2. Seriously. Look at the hat, then at her wearing the hat.

3. That's really about it.

You're not the yeast you used to be

Livejournal, you need to stop introducing me to rocking people. I cannot handle it.

illusory_thrill and I went to see Yeast Nation last night way, way far away from where we live. And we had the conversation I usually end up having with people I know, which is "...why do we get along?" Basically, Skye and I disagree on almost every major issue, but we have ten thousand things in common that don't matter at all. So we get along swimmingly. And she puts up with me making her eat a gigantic burrito as we walk down dark streets in an area we don't know (we didn't have time to sit down, dangit; Burrito House was too far from the theatre).

But I like that girl muchly. Especially when we have highly inappropriate conversations about fangirling while sitting across from each other on the El.

Let's see...I was robbed on Wednesday night. Which sucks. They pulled out my window unit and got in, left all the lights on in the apartment and the back door open (I'm on the ground floor). I was at Hey! Mr. Spaceman! with Sean and Jaime (previously referred to as my ot3), and they dropped me off and it took a few seconds after staring at my back door and the spot where my keyboard had been to realize what had happened.

And then I apparently talk about this at some lengthCollapse )

Oh yeah, and since Yeast Nation is the newest musical by the guys who did Urinetown, it has awesome music and I kiiiiind of maybe made some bootlegs. But of course, my favorite song came out horribly. So I'll just post:

Hey, Little Sister

You're Not the Yeast You Used to Be

My brother on Jon Hamm

Carl: I don't like men from shaving commercials, and he's like that
Carl: I can just see him running his hand along his jaw, checking for hair while shaving
Carl: then he'd kind of smirk in the mirror a little as if to convey "Nice job, me"

The laws of science be a harsh mistress

Oh my my my. Let's briefly check in with Real World Alice before making the smooth and awesome transition to fandom.

I've been preparing for auditions (i.e. trying to memorize arias and make my voice fricking rock). As of late, this has been going rather swimmingly, which is certainly a change from a month ago when I essentially said "SCREW IT, SCREW OPERA, SCREW EVERYTHING, I'M GOING TO WORK IN A ZOO." As with most things (esp. things involving the body, such as sports/music), some days you're just off and generally horrible, and your brain irrationally tells you that it will thus always be like this and why were you even trying when you suck so very much and come to think of it, WHY didn't your friends/relatives tell you this before, so obviously THEY can't be trusted and now life is just crappy and you might as well move to Afghanistan and become a hermit in one of those cave things.

So there was that. I also got way too into an episode of Designing Women last night where Charlene was arguing with her minister about whether or not women should be ordained. I'd be serious and talk about how much I do actually love that show, but that'd just be embarrassing. Especially since MY BLOG, SHE IS NOT THE SERIOUS. Except when I'm pissed off about Twilight. That's completely for realsies.

Science!Collapse )

Magnus is probably the character I most admire in fictional television. Maybe just fiction in general, but I love Dorothea Brooke from Middlemarch gobs, so I can't decide.

She's just hugely impressive and, as zwoelfchen says, you feel like things will be all right when she's there. But this particular post is about her being sciencey because SHE SO IS.

Just fyi, I'm counting being doctory as being sciencey. This is her being doctory with her daughter. Observe the webisode semi-crappy hair. But oh, that will be fixed when they get some network monies.

Magnus uses a Mac because Macs be where it's at. And look at all the sciencey stuff around her. Look, there're like some microscopes and vial thingies and a keypad. Because she does science.

I forget how this is sciencey. I think there's some kind of equipment in the background that could potentially measure things. The main miracle of science in this cap is, quite obviously, Helen's miraculous wonderbra. Don't pretend you didn't notice.

"I'm looking concerned while wearing a labcoat."

Magnus can totally look pretty while she does autopsies on gross things. This is a trait she shares with Scully.

They're also both totally unfazed by the grossness. "Stomach contents show last meal close to the time of death. Consisting of...pizza. Topped with pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms...mushrooms...that sounds really good."

Victorian era Magnus bein' all "I WANT TO STUDY AT UNIVERSITY AND BECOME A PROPER DOCTOR, FATHER." Because she is both determined and motivated, people. Ah, motivation. The missing ingredient in my life.

This gets bonus points because Henry's in it. And look at her, bein' all bookish and possibly science bookish. Let's just say that's the case because SCIENCE.

Omg labcoats, a microscope and everything. And please note the Real Series awesome hair.



See, they took it up a notch with the operating..glasses...things.

Basically, Magnus is awesome and full of delicious sciencey knowledge.

And if you take away nothing else from this post, please note the best part of last night's episode of Glee:

So I woke up around 2 a.m. and smelled something funny. As soon as my initial mental haze cleared, I remembered that 'oh, I put something in the oven at 450 degrees a couple hours ago and never turned it off/took it out.'

Yeah. 24-years-old.

Fortunately, said thing was Quorn, which is a sort of mushroom fungus product, so it doesn't exactly burn or light on fire. I believe I turned off the oven, stumbled back to bed and fell asleep again. After updating twitter, obviously. I have to keep people abreast of every small thing that happens in my life or something bad would go down.

I'm going home this weekend, which I am currently very excited about. I predict the following will happen, though:

1. Arrive home, everyone's very happy.

2. Second oldest brother (he's 28) and I get cheesy fiesta potatoes at Taco Bell and watch things on tv.

3. Around 8 p.m. on Saturday, the following conversation ensues:

Me: I don't want to watch this.
Brother: Just give it five minutes.
Me: I don't WANT to give it five minutes; it's stupid. Gimme the remote.
Brother: We watched your thing earlier.
Me: I'm never home, gimme!
Brother: No!
Me: *leaves the tv room and gets on the internet for an hour*

Later: *we both apologize and watch DVR'd episodes of 30 Rock*

Not that this happens every time I go home or anything.

A couple years ago in the tv room. My pants have frogs on them. I plan on wearing them this weekend.
I totally want to see North and South after simplydivine's kickass picspam involving pretty dresses, hats and Old Southern Things (except for Lesley-Anne Downe, who would be a Young Southern Thing). Possibly in the next couple weeks. We shall see. Epic Miniseries, you are my favorite.

Now. linesfade supports me in this spam, and it's Wednesday, so don't we all want a Middle of the Week random picspam (that isn't really random at all, but whatevs)? Ok, good.

Cliquez iciCollapse )
Alice talks about picturesCollapse )

Nothing seems to be happening at all today. I had a pretty amazing donut, so I've got that going for me. And I was contemplating Romola, as I am ALMOST POSITIVE George Eliot's going to have as her hero some tall, broad-shouldered man with a clear brow and penetrating eyes, a man who would likely be hailed as a prophet in times further removed from such as these, and I bet ten billion dollars that some woman who's either completely pure or who reforms from her initially selfish ways will love him, and he'll love her to the extent he can, but he'll sacrifice their possible happiness for His Beliefs.

George Eliot, if you were alive today, I would write you a very lengthy letter.
William Powell, 1926:

In personal life? My ideal, if I could fashion her from nebulous dreaming, would be a bewitching composite of personality and fascination. Culled from the qualities of the lovely ladies whom I have lured and lost on stage and screen and known as friends the while. She would combine Lillian Gish's wistful charm, Dorothy Gish's vivacity, Bebe Daniels' piquancy, Alma Rubens' stately beauty, and Elsie Ferguson's indefinable allure.

I must sigh and think of her no more today. She is too elusive, this ideal of mine, and not for the villain to win.


Myrna on Bill:

We became very close friends, but contrary to popular belief, we were never really married or even close to it. Oh, there were times when Bill had a crush on me and times when I had a crush on Bill, but we never made anything of it. We worked around it and stayed pals.

I'll bet he had a crush on her during Libeled Lady. They're both smokin' in that film.
Last Saturday, someone at the Stargate con made us sing happy birthday to Amanda Tapping. Only now it's her actual birthday, SO:

Klicken SieCollapse )

I think I've decided to get a flatscreen. This was actually prompted by me suggesting to runawaynun that she come down from her State to the North and watch awesome tv shows with me. Then I realized my tv is small and old. And that, being 24, I should probably make some purchase larger than a DVD.

And I haven't been home in six weeks. SIX. To normal, well-adjusted people, this is fine, but I went to college in the same town I grew up in (but yes, I lived in an apartment, tyvm), and my last semester I only was there for the fall, so I lived at home. And I have a 13-year-old brother. And since I live about two hours away now, I get home about every three to four weeks, so six is RIDICULOUS for my missing-my-family function and I am very much looking forward to getting home, eating Taco Bell's Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes and sitting in the tv room with my brothers. Two of them, anyway.

And having three brothers is necessary, because one of them is really weird, one can be an idiot, and one is 13. They fill various parts of the fraternal spectrum. Labor Day why are you not heeere?
Around midnight last night, I looked at my desktop and realized that one of those delightful coincidences that happen from time to time happened yesterday, but I hadn't put the pieces together until about 10 hours after the fact because, well, let's face it, Alice is a little slow.

zwoelfchen posted a hot picture of hotness in the form of Penny Downie as Helen of Troy (only she's not Helen of Troy, she's Helen of Egypt or something) and Menelaus, who isn't a short angry, hairy man like in Troy, but is a medium-sized jealous hairy man who has smokin' chemistry with Penny Downie. Excellent.

So I was all up in that yesterday, and I was concurrently fangirling Helen Magnus from Sanctuary. My post-midnight realization was that both characters are named Helen. Yeah. Didn't put it together before then. Yeah.

Anyway, my other brilliant idea after midnight was to do a picspam. Which I then put together. I get up at 6:19 every morning, so staying up past 10 is almost always moronic (as you get older, you need more sleep, kids), but last night I couldn't bring myself to care. Also doing picspams is PRETTY much my favorite thing ever. Or..top three. Or four. One of those.

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